Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Outdoor Play Spaces

It's the time of year again when we begin to move a lot of our play outside. I always enjoy setting up play spaces for the kids to keep things fun and interesting. 

Here are a few of the ones we've set up so far and the kids are enjoying them.

One of our long time favorites is rice. This rice is colored black and green from use in a previous play center when we were studying farms. A few big bowls of rice, some smaller containers and some spoons and the kids are happy for a long time. Some little plastic animals are also fun to add to the mix.

Another favorite is simply to throw an older blanket down on the ground and put out a few books, stuffed animals and puppets. This makes a nice place for a child to sit and relax and enjoy some quiet time while still being outside with everyone else.

This year I've also brought out a basket of large plastic animals and added wood, sticks and rocks to make a fun play area for imaginations to run free. Last week I saw a lion kiss a dinosaur here. 

I have more fun in mind but haven't had time to set it all up yet. But for now these play spaces are providing hours of fun and learning as we play together.


  1. We are trying to take more of our play outdoors as well. The Spring weather arrived and fooled us a little as it is now cool and wet again. Hopefully the sun will return again soon and we can spend more time outside! Love the large animals and wooden planks.

  2. This is a lovely piece, thank you for sharing your ideas on It's Playtime! I am featuring you on my site this week as one of my favourites. I particularly love the basket of wood, sticks and animals- gorgeous open ended play provision!

  3. Love! I featured you on It's Playtime this week. Thanks for linking up with us! http://progressiveearlychildhoodeducation.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/its-playtime_12.html